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Baidu Antivirus
317 306
Baidu Antivirus features all-in-one protection against viruses, malware and all other pesky and dangerous files...
...green button. It’s a sort of a tool to quickly check ...normally see a Buy button. Also it actively...
HP Quick Launch Buttons
217 184
HP Quick Launch Buttons is an application that allows the use of multimedia buttons...
HP Quick Launch Buttons is an ...are called quick launch buttons. HP Quick Launch...
7 Quick Fix
LeeLu Soft
7 Quick Fix is a program that offers specific buttons that you can select to solve common Windows 7...
7 Quick Fix is a program that offers buttons specially titled ...clicking on the right button. In the "...
Quick Flash Player
123Renamer inc
Quick Flash Player is a useful application that will let you play SWF files and get them converted to EXE...
Quick Flash Player ...pressing the play button. You can add ...holding your mouse' button. To convert your...
On-Screen Keyboard Magic
Alexey Morozov
On-Screen Keyboard Magic is utility that controls the behavior of Windows On-Screen Keyboard...
...by using wheel mouse button. 5.Quick move Microsoft On-Screen...
Easy Button Manager
Easy Button Manager is a program that let you configure the Quick Launch Button with a series of Key...
...let you configure the Quick Launch Button with a series of...
Best way to manage your files located at Send To, Quick Launch and your Desktop . With AgsPro EasyCut you can :...
...information by using SAVE button . Full File location ...locations (Send To, Quick Launch or Desktop)...
Click Mouse Middle Button,Quick Hide Desktop Windows,Protect Your Pravicy!
...you: Click Mouse Middle Button Quick Hide Desktop Windows: To...
IE Quick Saver
IE Quick Saver allows you to instantly save any web page while you are viewing...
IE Quick Saver help ...click the Ok button. Each time when ...it is! With IE quick saver, things changed...
Quick Screen Note
When you are using a computer (Office programs, Internet, E-mail, photo...) and you wish to save your PC's screen...
...push the PrintScreen button and the Quick Screen Note (QSN...
razii Toolbar
razii Toolbar is a internet browser add on tool which offers you a powerful search...
...current region, a facebook link, a quick button for checking your mail...